VINTAGE French Enamel Guillouche Compact


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VINTAGE French Enamel Guillouche Compact

Cornflower blue guilloche French enamel compact

French Enamel Guillouche Compact

French Enamel Guillouche Compact



This is the one you’ve been waiting for! Both the front and back of this compact have French enamel in the most luscious cornflower blue you’ve ever seen. The lid has a narrow black border around a center of white French enamel with a hand painted bride’s basket of tiny pink roses and even tinier blue flowers and is bordered by swags of greenery with more tiny pink roses. The original metal finger chain is still attached, and is made of large flat links with painted black enamel insets.

When you open the lid, a round spring-load mirror slides up to reveal a rouge cake and puff on one side, and a pressed powder cake and puff on the other. Both the rouge and powder cakes appear to be original and are still useable, the puffs also appear to be original. It is 2-1/8" in diameter, the chain is 2-1/2" long.

The only flaws I could find on this piece are a few very faint surface scuffs on the back of the compact, and wear on the front at the top where the chain attaches – it is approximately 3/4" long, and follows the curve of the edge. It lighter in color than the rest of the enamel and feels a bit rough on the outer margins of the discolorations, so I would call this a chip in the enamel. The white speck showing on the back of the compact is from dust on my scanner, there is NO spot there on the compact. I could find no manufacturer’s mark, but there is a patent mark, “Pat.9-21-26”. ID=powder41

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