Vintage Ayeristocrat Face Powder - Sealed

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Vintage Ayeristocrat Face Powder - Sealed

Vintage Vanity - Face Powder



Ayeristrcrat Face Powder by Harriet Hubbard Ayer. The box is the 3.58 ounce size and the shade is Ayer Rose. There is a small puncture on the inner seal which has been resealed and is not noticeable or leaking. The outer lid is in very good condition with only minor fading from age. The bottom of the box is a gold foil overlay and there is a small rubbed spot where a price tag looks to have been removed. The original price is printed on the bottom of the box and is $1.00--this will help in determining age. There is a price written in grease pencil of 39 cents and it can be removed. Also, the product information on the bottom of the box is affixed to it by sticker and it is still in place and in excellent condition. ID=Powder10

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