Vintage DEVILBISS PERFUME LAMP Dancing Naked Lady

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DeVilbiss Perfume Lamp



DeVilbiss Perfume Lamp


Vintage DEVILBISS PERFUME LAMP Dancing Naked Lady

DeVilbiss Perfume Lamp

DeVilbiss Perfume Lamp



Absolutely stunning - DE VIL BISS Perfume Lamp ... pictures just can not do this beauty justice !!! ... The camera couldn't pick up the correct color of this lamp when lit, on the top section, it's a soft blue with a white moon behind the owl in the tree. I've shown a photo of the inside of this with the white circle which represents the full moon ... the colors are painted inside the glass cyclinder and the outside has the tree branches, owl and dancing naked lady all in black paint on the white glass ... extremely nice condition with no damage to either the glass or the metal, although each do show some slight signs of age (in other words, NOT brand new perfect condition) ... these lamps are from the 1920s and 1930s so you have to expect some signs of age ... uses a small 4 or 7 watt night light bulb and still has it's cup in the top as shown in the photos ... you put your favorite oils or perfume in the top cup and when the heat from the light bulb warms the fragrance, it fills the air with that scent, great for either the bathroom or bedroom ... measures 8 inches tall with approx. a 12 foot long cord with an on/off switch in the cord, this electrical cord is older and not new, but works as intended although it is always a good idea to have older electical checked out for safety reasons ... ID=Divbslmp01

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