Depression Glass "S" Pattern Stippled Rose Dinnerware

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Depression Glass "S" Pattern Stippled Rose Dinnerware


Depression Glass S Pattern, Stippled Rose Band Dinnerware

Manufactured by Macbeth-Evans Glass Company, Charleroi, PA from 1930 to 1933.
"S" pattern - Stippled Rose Band
S-Pattern Stippled Rose Band dinnerware - 37 light yellow

Overall good to very good condition
Normal use
Working condition
Limited use

8 Sherbet Plates - 6 1/4 inch - 1 has a small chip on the face otherwise normal/minimal wear
7 Saucers - 6 inch - normal/minimal wear
7 Grill plates - 10 1/4 inch - good condition, used and there are imperfections in the glass itself
8 Tumblers - 10 oz. 4 3/4 inch tall - normal use, very good condition
7 Thin Cups - 2 1/2 inches tall, 3 5/8 inch diameter - very good condition normal wear

Made in amber, crystal, crystal with amber, blue, green, pink, or silver trims, fired on red, green, light yellow and Monax. We have the light yellow dinner wear.

Macbeth-Evans Glass Company produced a crystal Depression glass pattern that goes by two names. S Pattern or Stippled Rose Band. Produced from 1930-1933.

The MacBeth-Evans Glass Company is another well-known maker of Depression Glass. Although not as large a producer of this glass as some of the other companies, they made some very well known and popular patterns including American Sweetheart, Chinex Classic, Cremax, Dogwood, Petalware, "S" Pattern and Thistle. Most of their patterns have pieces that are not as readily available today other than very basic luncheon sets. Formed in 1895 from a merger of MacBeth Glass and Evans Glass, they were bought out in 1937 by the Corning Glass Works. They still operated under the MacBeth-Evans name through the late 1940's before being phased out by Corning. ID=ANTQ60 $325.00

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