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The Bohemian garnet is only found in Bohemia and was valued for it's beauty and supposed curative and uplifting effects. Garnet jewelry is varied in style and garnets themselves range from multi-faceted reflectors of rich deep reds to cabochons, juicy as pomegranate seeds. They also come in almost all colors except blue.
Garnets were mounted in low and higher karat yellow gold, gold plate and mixed metal settings and more recently in sterling. The history of garnet jewelry goes back hundreds of years and it is no wonder when you see how glorious they are. Bohemian garnet jewelry is known for it's encrusted close-set stones which are often rose cut and sometimes combined with larger cabochons and faceted stones. (Bohemia became Czechoslovakia after WWI.)

Garnet as a gemstone had its heyday in the Victorian era when other dark "anti-gems" such as pyrite and jet were also popular. Garnets were thought to be a malady for blood disorders or anger. Pyrope is the name of the deep red, orange-red or purplish garnet. The major source of garnet gems from the Renaissance through the Victorian Era were the "Bohemian " pyrope deposits in the vicinity of Trebenice, Czechoslovakia, thus the name Bohemian garnets.

Bohemian Garnets are real garnets (often imitated in glass) that were mined from a certain mountain region in Bohemia, now long exhausted of its garnets, never to be found again. They are characterized by their intensely rich deep red color. Garnet jewelry, prolific during the Victorian era, has long been a favorite of antique jewelry lovers. These older garnets may also be referred to as Bohemian garnets because of their origin.

Today's garnets range mostly in the lighter orange reds to watery reds and come mostly from India. Garnets are very plentiful today but the quality of Bohemian garnets has never been matched. Learn about antique jewelry and period jewelry.

Vintage and Antique Bohemian Garnet Jewelry

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Vintage Bohemian GARNET Bead 30" Necklace

Gorgeous vintage Bohemian garnet necklace. The gold metal links apear to be vermeil. No clasp, this goes on over your head. Exelant vintage condition 30 inches long. ID=30inchlonggarnetbeadnecklace


This is a beautiful authentic Victorian era rose cut garnet brooch and or pendant. It is a very unique motif in a flower basket shape with a pin back and the basket handle is a bail to also serve as a pendant. It dates to circa 1890 and measures 1.5 inches by 1.25 inches. No missing stones and all appear original, original C style clasp metal is silver gilt. Great detail as well as dimension to this piece! ID=Bohemiangarnetflowerbasketpendant


Antique Bohemian Garnet Heart Charm or Small Pendant

Fabulous antique bohemian garnet heart charm or small pendant. This is a genuine antique NOT a repro. Excellent condition. No chips, scratches or cracks. Deeply carved heart. In garnet gold which was either gold wash over brass or very low carat gold. Measures 15mm in height (including the top attached loop but not the ring) by 12mm in width. Just beautiful with deep red center and brighter red rose cut stones around. Chain not included. ID=smallbohemianheartpendantcharm

Antique Early 20c German Bohemian Garnet Necklace


This is a stunning vintage necklace. Genuine cut Bohemian garnet beads necklace, 17 inches long bead are 3/8 diameter , the clasp is 14k gold. ID=garnetnecklace14kclasp


Featured here is a very beautiful antique necklace with 4.5 carats of garnets. This is a gorgeous piece that is truly one of a kind. The garnets have a deep red color that shines and sparkles in the light. They are antique cut stones that look like rose cuts from the top though they do have culets on the bottom. The checkerboard top adds to the red brilliance that glows from the stones. The red color is a perfect contrast to the yellow gold. The necklace itself is made from solid 14k yellow gold and chain is 18k yellow gold (machine tested). The 5 pear shapes all dangle on the gold sticks (drops) and individually pivot. This is a one of a kind piece which we are confident you are going to love when you see it in person!

The measurement of the largest pear shape is 6x4mm, 2 smaller ones are 5.5mm x 4mm and 2 smallest ones are 5mm x 3.5mm. There are 7 larger round stones which are three of 5mm, two of 4.5mm and two of 4mm. The chain measures 17 inches long, not including the length of the drops which are 1inch, 0.83 inches and 0.55 inches from largest to smallest. The piece overall has significant intrinsic value considering the overall weight is 5.4 grams.


This is a very well made dress or coat clip with some intricate detail. Marked Made in France. Measures 2 inches long and 1 1/3 inches wide. ID=pastediamondbohemiangarnetdressclip


Antique Bohemian Red Garnet FLY Bug Pearl Eyes Silver Pendant Necklace Charm

Darling little antique cabochon & faceted Bohemian Red Garnet with pearl eyes pendant necklace or charm! Measures 15/16" long including jump ring x 1/2" wing span , great condition! As you can see from the picture of the back that there is some tarnish. Chain not included. ID-JWY195

FLY LORE: It is generally thought that the fly in egyptian mythology gave protection against disease or misfortune. Stone amulets in the form of flies were being made in Egypt as early as 3500 BC or thereabouts. In the Old and Middle Kingdom periods (2686-1650 BC), the fly was also depicted on various ritual artifacts, including the so called 'magic wands' often carved from hippopotamus ivory and probably intended to protect the owner from harm.
Although the precise symbolism of early fly amulets remains obscure, their significance during the later New Kingdom period (1550-1069 BC) is better documented. At this time the military decoration known as the 'order of the golden fly' (or 'fly of valour') was introduced and awarded for bravery in battle. The fly was perhaps used in this way because of it's apparent qualities of persistence in the face of opposition. One of the best known examples is a gold chain with three pendants in the form of 'flies of valour' from the tomb of Queen Ahhotep I (c.1550 BC) and now in the Egyptian Museum Cairo.
The fly hieroglyph was used to represent the word aff - meaning 'a fly' - or in later times (c.1550 BC onwards) as a symbol of bravery.


Antique Deco Bohemian Garnet Rose Gold Seed Pearl Ring

Extremely Rare Solid 14 karat Rose Gold Bohemian Garnet Ring Filigree crown mounting with seed pearl accents!

This is an incredibly beautiful and rare Victorian garnet ring. Crafted in 14 karat rose gold, this mounting has been hand made, etched and engraved with a lovely, fully pierced filigree crown motif design. At either side of the center stone, the crown's three spires point toward three bead set seed pearls. At both the top and bottom edges of the center bohemian garnet, one bead set seed pearl accents the outer edges' three. The garnet found at the ring center is an intensely colored, deep red Bohemian stone. Rarer still, is the unusual cut of this garnet. It's a rectangular cut but has been fully faceted on the bottom of the stone and therefore appears to have a star pattern when viewed from the ring top. Overall, a very rare and unique ring.

Seed pearls and garnets were a favorite color and gemstone combination of the 19th century. Often used in bridal jewelry of the time, seed pearls were set in nearly every type of adornment but rarely survive in tact due to their delicate nature. The intense, deep red of Bohemian garnets was desirable well into the 20th century, diminished only by the advent of the art deco color palette. Today, both seed pearl and garnet jewelry of the 19th and 20th century has seen a revival in interest, particularly the combination of the two and in those rare pieces where the stones are original to the design.

This ring is rare both in its age and design but also in that its pearls are all original and intact. Its garnet is free from scratches or damage and is also original to the piece. True to Victorian jewelry design, this ring sits low in profile, making it both comfortable to wear and smooth in fit. The total height off of the finger measures only 3.5mm. Looking at the ring from the top, the distance from north to south, or base of the finger toward the knuckle, measures 15mm, including the two seed pearls at either end of the garnet. From east to west, or side to side, the ring measures 10mm, including the row of three seed pearls at the sides of the garnet. The garnet alone measures 10mm by 6mm. Approximate carat weight of the garnet is 1.75ct. Size 41/2 and is re sizable by a competent jeweler.ID-roseglodgarnetseedpearlring




This is a beautiful vintage Bohemian victorian garnet pendant. Superb Victorian Bohemian garnet cabochon heart pendant. Gilt metal mounted. Measures 1 & 1/4" long by 1" wide. Good used antique condition. ID=bohemiangarnetcabochonheartpendant


Magnificant bohemian garnet bangle made around 1880. The garnets are old bohemian old rose cut pryrope set in two rows. One part of the bangle is set with smaller stones, the other part is set with bigger getting stones to the center. The mounting is made of pinchbeck what was normally taken in that time with a rose gold overlay. All stones are present. Inside the bangle are a few dentings but not distracting its function or its beauty and they are not to see while wearing it. It is in a good antique condition and its ready for wearing. The inner circumference is approx. 6 1/2 inches.ID-2rowbohemaingarnetbracelet


Antique Victorian Bohemian Rose-Cut Garnet Earrings

These are truly lovely earrings Star shaped with a small drop.

I believe the closure may be gold. It is a hoop with a triangle that flips up and hooks to the hoop to keep the earring from being lost.

Deep fiery red star shaped 10 mm in diameter with about a 7 mm drop.

Bohemian Czech Garnets are by far the most beautiful in the world. Rose Cut gives the stones their sparkle & fire.ID=Bohostardangleearrings


Antique Bohemian Garnet Earrings Star-shaped Victorian

LOVELY ANTIQUE BOHEMIAN GARNET EARRINGS.They are star shaped and set in either gold-washed metal or low-carat gold that was popular in the Victorian era. The earrings measure approximately 1/2 inch from point to point. They are in excellent condition with all of the stones intact and the posts being very sturdy. Very nice quality vintage jewlery. Would make a lovely gift for someone with a January birthday. ID=JWYbohogarnetstarstuds

Vintage Bohemian Garnet Brooch

This loveley old pin still has it's original C clasp and I believe this is gold over silver or a low carat gold. Measures 1 1/2 inches wide and 1 inch tall, beautiful rich red Bohemian garnet stones. Looks like a fancy victorian bow to me with flowers. ID=bohobowflowersbrooch


Vintage Bohemian Garnet Festoon Necklace Gold Over 925

Lovely vintage Bohemian garnet festoon necklace. Acquired at a recent estate sale. The drop pendant measures just under 1" long and 3/4" across. Garnets are open back and set in 925 sterling with gold wash just as Victorian pieces were made. The jump ring is signed 925. Chain measures 16" long. Excellent condition with no damage to wash or stones and all stones are intact and bright and sparkly. This is a gorgeous piece.



Antique Victorian Garnet Necklace Moon & Stars

This is an absolutely beautiful antique vintage gold fill wash Bohemian Garnet Moon & Stars Necklace. It measures 18inches plus 1 inch for the drop. This had a safety chain at one time but is gone. All garnets are present in excellent condition. This one is a true beauty. ID=JWY194



This is a lovely pair of estate fresh 14k yellow gold diamond flower lever back earrings. They are for pierced ears. They measure 5/8” top to bottom and are 3/8” at their widest point. They have genuine natural diamonds that are impossible to measure with complete accuracy. I am estimating them at 1mm each. They are marked 14K and weigh a light 2 grams. Condition is absolutely excellent. ID=diamondflowerleverbackearrings

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